About the Cookbook

The Clarity LIMS Cookbook uses example scripts to help you learn how to work with REST and EPP automation scripts. Cookbook recipes are small, specific how-to articles designed to help you understand REST and automation script concepts. Each recipe includes the following:

Explanations about a concept and how a particular programming interface is used in a script.
A snippet of script code to demonstrate the concept.

The API documentation includes the terms External Program Integration Plug-in (EPP) and EPP node.

As of BaseSpace Clarity LIMS v5.0, these terms are deprecated. The term EPP has been replaced with automation. EPP node is referred to as the Automation Worker or Automation Worker node. These components are used to trigger and run scripts, typically after lab activities are recorded in the LIMS.

The best way to get started is to download the example script and try it out. After you have seen how the script works, you can dissect it and use the pieces to create your own script.