Clarity LIMS v6.1 Release Notes

These Release Notes describe the key changes made to software components for Clarity LIMS v6.1.

When upgrading from a version before v6.0, review the release notes for v6.0 for a list of features and bug fixes introduced in that version.

Clarity LIMS v6.1 is deployable in both cloud hosted and on-premise environments.

For API related information, refer to the changes in the current revision of the API Portal. If you have created scripts using our pre-release API endpoints, contact the Illumina Support team for a complete change list to make sure that your scripts continue to function.

New Features

Advanced Search can now be used to search by one or more user-customized conditions based on Sample, Project, Container, Step, or File. There are also options for saving and importing queries and exporting search results.
Read-Only permission—Can be assigned to users that need to view system information, but cannot create, edit, or delete information.

Defect Repairs

Includes a security improvement that updates jQuery from 3.2.1 to 3.5.1.

Bug Fixes

The following issues applicable to Clarity Core v6.0.0 and v6.0.1 were resolved:
The association between the audit event log and the audit change log is missing in Clarity LIMS.
Adding a control to associated samples shows up in other unrelated workflows that contain the same samples.
Config slicer log file does not show the actual +/- difference of the conflict.
Log files fill up with error messages for the Clarity LIMS instance with the remote PostgreSQL database setup.
Downloaded version of the sample sheet cannot be uploaded when the modify samples function is used.
[v6.0.1] Samples cannot be assigned or routed into QC protocols when using the OpenAPI endpoint (/route/artifacts).
[v6.0.0 and v6.0.1] The derived pool name is not being updated properly based on the naming convention configured in the pooling step.
[v6.0.0 and v6.0.1] Pooled samples replicate using the same label, which does not allow users to continue the demultiplexing step.
Fixes the following bug for LabLink v2.2.0: The association between the audit event log and the audit change log is missing in LabLink.
Fixes the following bug in Clarity Core v4.3: A user with HTTP/HTTPS/FTP file stores is unable to upload or download files.

Known Issues

There are no known issues.

Additional Notes

Clarity LIMS no longer performs a full nightly indexing in v6.1 by default. Instead, Clarity LIMS performs rolling updates, which indexes entities for a configurable window of time.
With the introduction of Advanced Search, basic search no longer finds samples using containers and project custom fields.
For questions or assistance, contact the Illumina Support team.