Clarity LIMS v6.2 Release Notes

These Release Notes describe the key changes made to software components for Clarity LIMS v6.2.

Clarity LIMS v6.2 is deployable in both cloud hosted and on-premise environments.

New Features

The operating system (OS) changes from CentOS7 to Oracle Linux v8.8.
Lab account management that allows you to create, update, and delete accounts in Clarity LIMS.
You can now set and update account custom field values. These configured fields are available in the new Account management screen when you view, create, or update an account.
A red dot alert that displays when a required field without a default value is added to Clarity LIMS. This alert shows up LabLink next to the Configuration menu, the drop-down list in the Custom Fields menu, and next to Custom Fields in the Configuration tab.
Configure client custom fields in LabLink through the Custom Fields Configuration page after they have been created through the Custom Fields Configuration Page in Clarity LIMS. The Users page in LabLink shows the configured custom fields when creating, editing, viewing, and reviewing a user.

Defect Repairs

The Queue View page performance has been optimized.
Reviewed and addressed potential vulnerabilities for cross site scripting (XSS).

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the upload of the sample submission spreadsheet with leading or trailing spaces in any of the header tags (eg, </TABLE HEADER>) resulted in import errors.
Fixed a bug where the LIMS ID (Process) in the Record Details step disappeared when you select No preset.
Fixed a bug where the custom term for Projects did not propagate to LabLink.
Fixed a bug where samples were not placed correctly when you drag and drop from the plate GUI. This bug happened when a step was configured to have samples ordered by Column and placed by Row in the placement stage.
Fixed a bug where false errors occured when the Config-slicer tool was used to import automation template files. In this update, the Config-slicer tool ignores any differences in the automation file XML tag, but logs a reminder in the configslicer-issues.log file. The file lists the different automation names that the users should check against so that the automation files for those names are uploaded properly. The file also shows warnings or errors logged.
Fixed a bug where the Config-slicer command-line interface (CLI) tool showed false negative reports with control types and reagent kits when the values were empty during the import or validation of the slice.
Fixed a bug that affected the UI for the File Attachment Method for the Demultiplexing step in Master Step and Step during the Configuration stage.
Updated UI and API application logs so that they contain only useful log information.

Known Issues

There is a bulk indexing error due to the memory space limitation for search-indexer when the indexing batch size is too large.
There can be additional or missing search results when using Date Received of a sample as one of the search criteria in Advanced Search when the client and server are in different time zones.
Multiple accounts that share the same email address only receive a reset password email for one of the accounts when a reset password request is made using Email information.

Additional Notes

Clarity LIMS v6.2 supports both Python2 and Python3 versions. However, there is no symbolic link created for /usr/bin/python to Python2 and there will not be a default link. Scripts have to be updated specifically to either Python2 or Python3.


The following components and applications are updated in Clarity LIMS v6.2:


Clarity LIMS v6.1

Clarity LIMS v6.2

Rabbitmq Server



Grails Web Framework



Elastic Search



Java JDK



Tomcat Application Server



PostgreSQL Database