About Config Slicer

The Config Slicer tool is used to move small incremental configuration changes, contained in a configuration set, between Clarity LIMS systems. For example, it moves changes between a test system and a production system.

This configuration tool provides granular export/import functionality that allows the management of configurations that support experimental workflows.

Use this tool to back up, copy, deploy, and restore configuration sets. By making small incremental changes, make sure that the modifications made to the production system are minimal.

Review the following key concepts:

Configuration set—This item may be created by the Clarity LIMS Support team or by the customer. It comprises the items (know as entities) that are added to a Clarity LIMS system to allow for customization for a particular scientific experiment or workflow. The Illumina NGS Extensions Package is a good example. See Supported Entities.
Configuration manifest file—This text file determines the configuration set to be exported from a system. The manifest file does not contain the actual configuration data. It only drives the extraction of configuration from a system.
Configuration package file—This XML file contains the top-level entities selected by the configuration manifest file, plus any related child entities. For example, for process types, it includes process type UDFs, process templates (protocols), and output UDFs.