NextSeq 500/550 Integration v2.1 Release Notes

These Release Notes detail the key changes to software components for the BaseSpace Clarity LIMS NextSeq 500/550 Integration Package since version 2.0 of that package.

This is an optional software update for customers interested in the new features available with this new release.

If you are upgrading from a version prior to version 2.0 please review the release notes for version 2.0 for a list of features and bug fixes introduced in that version.


BaseSpace Clarity LIMS v4.2 through v5.4
NGS Extensions Package v5.19 or later
Preconfigured Workflow Package (PCWP) v2.0.1 or later
Illumina Preset Protocols (IPP) v2.0.0 or later
NextSeq Control Software (NCS) v4.0 (Standalone mode, only)

New Features

This release of the BaseSpace Clarity LIMS integration package:

Supports the security improvement made to the management of passwords in Clarity LIMS v5.4.
Provides an updated run report with the BaseSpace Clarity LIMS footer.
Delivers a NextSeq preconfigured workflow as part of PCWP 2.0.1 or IPP 2.0.0, which can be installed via support request.

Defect Repairs

The SequencerApi proxy configuration script now correctly updates the clarity.conf file.

Known Issues