Illumina DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform Overview

The Illumina DRAGEN™ Bio-IT Platform is based on the highly reconfigurable DRAGEN Bio-IT Processor, which is integrated on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) card and is available in a preconfigured server that can be seamlessly integrated into bioinformatics workflows. The platform can be loaded with highly optimized algorithms for many different NGS secondary analysis pipelines, including the following:

Whole genome

All interaction is accomplished via DRAGEN software that runs on the host server and manages all communication with the DRAGEN board.

This user guide summarizes the technical aspects of the system and provides detailed information for all DRAGEN command line options.

If you are working with DRAGEN for the first time, Illumina recommends that you first read the Getting Started section, which provides a short introduction to DRAGEN, including running a test of the server, generating a reference genome, and running example commands.